Stories from the new collection Skating on the Vertical

Skating on the Vertical
No Skating
In the title story, a ninth-grade skateboarder finds himself torn between his loyalty to his unemployed father and the local homeless man.
Leaded Glass WindowA struggling, first-year teacher at a boarding school finds that she has more in common with a homesick foreign student than she does with others at the school.
 Skin Art
Henna Skin ArtA young wife accompanies her husband on a business trip to India and finds herself reverting to old, self-destructive impulses. Rather than succumb to her demons, she learns to feel at home in her skin.
St. Ita's ChurchA pregnant 15-year-old African American girl in Chicago fails to protect her younger brother while babysitting him. When she goes into labor and delivers at home, she makes a desperate decision. 
Pilson Wall Art CloseAfter several miscarriages, a woman escapes her suburban cage and finds artistic and personal inspiration in the Mexican-American street murals in Pilsen, Chicago.
Rabbit’s Foot
Durer HareA man doing penance for his marital indiscretion, hopes to make amends by helping a young woman bury a dead rabbit.

* Image credit, Wild Hare by Albrecht Durer, 1502

 Dust and Ice
Dust and IceWhen a young couple decide to have sex outside during a meteor shower, the woman makes an impulsive decision with cosmic consequences.
Weighing the Heart
HieroglyphicsA ten-year-old girl looks to stories of Ancient Egypt to cope with her father’s life-threatening injury.

Excerpts from the novel Thicker Than Blood

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Maneki Neko
Maneki Neko
Maneki Neko