Skating on the Vertical

Skating on the VerticalSkating on the Vertical

New Collection of Short Stories
by Jan English Leary

Jan English Leary’s writing deftly offers insight into the disappointments and beauty of human love. In her new collection of sixteen stories, Skating on the Vertical, Leary writes about individuals who face the challenges of infertility and parenting, estrangement and intimacy, illness and recovery, loss and redemption. At the end of the stories, the characters emerge, sometimes broken, sometimes stronger, always changed.

“…a lyrical work of art that grabs your heart at every turn.”—Centered on Books

“Leary is a truly fine storyteller…”—Lori Ostlund, author of The Bigness of the World and After the Parade 

“Most of all, I loved how each of these characters simmered palpably, their emotions bubbling just below the surface, waiting for the right moment to burst into the open.”



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Coming November 1, 2017
Fomite Press

Launch Party
November 3, 2017
Women & Children First, 7:30-9:00